Ariadna´s Maze

Welcome to a beautiful world of pearls, miracles and flowers!

My world is a maze where you can find unique jewelry created with love and passion! Everything here is an original artwork, all patterns are unique and are created by myself.

I am a person fascinated by literature, painting and photography and I always try to capture all these in my handmade creations.

Feel free to contact me in English, French, German, Spanish or Romanian at: if you want to find out details regarding shipping in Europe or worldwide.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Here comes the rain...

Amazing bracelet featuring frosted orange flowers, lucite flowers, miracle beads, farfalle, miyuki beads and an antique copper umbrella!
Size: 19 cm

Price: 12 euro

Friday, July 22, 2011

Innocent White

This bracelet is one of my favorites! It features sweet water pearls, two kinds of lucite flowers and golden seed beads. It measures 19 cm and it´s a shame not to have it!
Price: 16 euro

Amethyst and Flowers

Beautiful and unique bracelet featuring amethyst stones, Swarovski crystals, golden Japanese seed beads and lucite flowers!
Size: 19 cm
Price: 15 euros

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just like the Wine

Bracelet featuring beautiful frosted flowers that remind me of wine and matching glass beads. 
Size: 20 cm 
Price: 12 cm

Blue Fire Agate

I just love this bracelet because I simply love the blue agate beads! The Miyuki beads make this bracelet special  and original! 
The bracelet fits a thinner hand and it measures 17 cm
Price: 15 euros 

Baby Pink Flowers

This is an original bracelet created after my own pattern: it has baby pink lucite flowers, miracle beads, Japanese seed beads and farfalle beads.
It measures 20 cm
Price: 15 euros

Red Agate and Swarovski

This bracelet is amazing: it has Swarovski crystals, miyuki and farfalle beads, a beautiful copper toggle clasp and great red fire crackle agate beads. It measures 20 cm.

Price: 16 euros

Gold and Orange

This bracelet features gold miracle beads, seed beads and farfalle beads. The toggle clasp gives this bracelet an original note. 
Size: 19,5 cm
Price: 8 euros

Brown Bracelet

This is a bracelet that features Swarovski beads, brown miracle beads, toho and miyuki beads. It measures 18 cm.
Price: 8 euros.

Girly Bracelet

Small bracelet for girls, measuring 14 cm and featuring different miracle beads and mauve farfalle beads.
Size: 14 cm 
Price: 4 euros

Clear Blue Sky...- not available

Another bracelet featuring different size miracle beads, acrylic beads and silver bead caps. This bracelet ends with a beautiful silver toggle clasp.
Size: 19 cm
Price: 7 euros

Another big orange...

Bracelet featuring different size miracle beads and farfalle beads. 
Size: 19 cm
Price: 6 euros

Ruby Red

Bracelet with red miracle beads and two kinds of farfalle beads.
Size: 19 cm

Price: 10 euros

Red Agate

Amazing bracelet featuring a red cloissone bead, red fire crack agate beads and pink glass flowers. I also used Swarovski crystals, toho and seed beads in creating this bracelet!

Size: 19 cm
Price: 15 euros

Made with love!

Beautiful adjustable bracelet with miracle beads and papillons, ending with two `made with love`charms!
Price: 12 euros

Beautiful colors

Adjustable bracelet on memory wire featuring three color miracle beads, antique copper spacers and different farfalle beads.
Price: 12 euros

Lucite in Red

This bracelet features red lucite flowers, red miracle beads and red farfalle beads. The toggle clasp is antique copper and the bracelet measures 20,5 cm.
Price: 12 euros