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My world is a maze where you can find unique jewelry created with love and passion! Everything here is an original artwork, all patterns are unique and are created by myself.

I am a person fascinated by literature, painting and photography and I always try to capture all these in my handmade creations.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japanese Tensha bead earrings

Black Tensha bead earrings with black metal findings. The beads have 12 mm and the earrings are 3 cm long.

The word 'Tensha' in Japanese translates to the English word 'transfer'. The beads are made by applying a beautifully detailed decal to a base colored acrylic bead. The transfer is then sealed and locked in with an acrylic coating, which protects the image from abrasion. Gold foil accents are often used to enhance the decoration. Because each bead is made by hand, Japanese Tensha are well worth their price.

Price: 8 euros


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